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RPR ...Ritchie-Parrish-Ritchie is a new musical collaboration between Steve, ex-Tanglefoot bass player Al Parrish and piano  player Rob Ritchie.  



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SPEY RIVER STUDIO is located in a beautiful rural setting near Owen Sound, Ontario, situated in the basement between the freezer and a hot-water boiler that looks like it came off the Titanic.

Athough primarily a vehicle for Steve's solo recordings, the ProTools-equipped project studio was where many of the tracks for Tanglefoot's Spey_River_Small.jpg2006 "Dance Like Flames" album were recorded, and was also the venue for the final mix. As well, a handful of highly creative and thick-skinned artists have found it within their budget and level of patience to record tracks at Spey River in between the dog barking and the water heater coming on.

Spey River Studio has been in existence since 2005.