On Line at Last!

Well, here I am! Welcome to my brand-new just-out-of-the-box website. I hope you'll check back now and then to see what I'm up to.

I owe a big debt of thanks to Wendy, Tanglefoot's webmistress, who took a lot of time out of her already busy days to help me set all this up.

These days I'm mostly pre-occupied with the last three months of touring with Tanglefoot. We don't get too busy until the beginning of October, so I'm hoping to put in some studio time on my solo album over the next few weeks. I started on it back in 2005, but I have no real idea when it will be finished. There's no external deadline, so it will likely be whenever I get tired of working on it.

I had an excellent summer with lots of family time, dinners on the deck, friends dropping in, visiting Mom's cottage... I even went horseback riding a couple of times, and played soccer at Sandra Swannell's party last week. I can almost walk without a limp now.

But not one decent thunderstorm! At least, not ever where I happened to be. I'm one of those who loves a good storm, although I was happy our place was spared any action on Tornado Day last month. Nearest place to us to get hit was Durham, about 20 miles to the south.

By which I mean the town of Durham, Ontario. Not Durham Region, which confusingly is also in Ontario but about 100 miles away. Nor Durham, England, which is a beautiful city with a very old and extremely impressive cathedral that houses, among other things, the 1300 year-old bones of the Venerable Bede, England's first historian.

There you have it - tornados to Dark Age history in two paragraphs. Check back again soon for more stream-of-consciousness ramblings.


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